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Luminous wands of different colors for parties

To make the shapes you want and make any party more fun, ultra-bright 20 cm long wands.
When we plan a party we do not just want everything to look beautiful and that the guests enjoy it very much, we also think very well about doing something unique and quite original. Luminous wands can help you give your party a unique style that all your guests enjoy.
Luminous wands of different colors for parties
Use your imagination!
The ultra-bright wands have a size of 20 cm, and with it you can create bracelets, glasses, necklaces, beads, flowers and whatever you can think of. Also, if you prefer, you can distribute these colorful wands and let them be your guests who use their imagination and create their own shapes. It will be fantastic!
You do not have to worry because your party is long, the luminous wands have a long duration. So you just have to choose the colors that you like the most so that your guests can make the party very colorful while wearing these wands in all possible ways.
To give your party more joy the bright wands for shapes come in the colors: red, blue, purple, yellow, pink, green and orange. However, you have the option to choose the ultrabrillant wands of three colors, to give much more color and luminosity to the night.
Light wands for parties are very light and easy to mold to make the shapes you want without problems. If you want your party to have a touch of originality and give a lot to talk about, then you can consider including this product in your list of items you need for your party, which can also be distributed as a souvenir for the guests.