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Chocolate fountain in stainless steel

Liven up sandwiches and parties with this spectacular chocolate fountain. Maximum capacity of 1 kg of chocolate and adjustable feet for a better flow.
Fruits and sweets that are eaten with melted chocolate taste delicious, but if you integrate a chocolate fountain in your party, you can liven up any celebration by placing the best sandwiches available to the guests.
That's why we have for you this amazing chocolate fountain in stainless steel from Clatronic, with which you can make fondues in the comfort of your home and where you only have to worry about buying the chocolate from the fountain.
With this fondue machine you can prepare up to 1 kg of chocolate and submerge the desserts of your preference. It regulates the height of the feet that includes the source, and enjoys to the maximum the virtues of this fabulous artifact.
Chocolate fountain in stainless steel
Aspects of the operation of the fondue machine
It is important that you buy chocolate that contains at least 60% cocoa butter content to be able to integrate it into the fondue machine. Dress the chocolate with the ingredients you consider, such as brandy, liqueurs or others.
To guarantee the durability of the source, you should clean it well once you finish using it, and in case you have doubts about any aspect of the operation, do not hesitate to consult the user manual.
Do not stop buying this wonderful artifact
It is amazing the range of products that Clatronic has, for you that you worry about having solutions for home and kitchen. You can get this fondue device and other items in SR2, through Amazon.
Let chocolate be the true soul of the party with Clatronic's stainless steel chocolate fountain. Do you dare to have it?