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Simple and colorful flower garlands on paper

Simple and colorful flower garlands on paper

Learn how to make garlands of paper flowers. They are a classic for a good reason; easy to make, colorful and of an almost infinite variety.
This may be the fastest, cheapest and most enjoyable holiday decoration trick for the eyes of all time. You can literally make dozens of these flower garlands an hour before your party starts.
These instructions are for making flowers with eight petals, but you can easily make squares, circles or flowers with more or less petals. And if you dare, even intricate snowflakes.
You will need to:
• Sheets of tissue paper of various colors.
• Scissors.
• Thread and sewing machine.
1. Stack several sheets and fold them several times over themselves, until the width is equal to that of your largest flower. Mine are about 10 cm.
2. Cut the edges so that several stacked squares remain.
3. Take several of those squares, the number depends on how well you cut your scissors. Fold them in half. Fold again in half and then one corner against the other.
4. Cut around the corner in a rounded shape and unwrap to reveal the flowers. Repeat until you have a good number of them.
5. Use the sewing machine to attach several flowers of various colors. You can leave space between the flowers, put them together or superimpose them. You can even sew several lined and stacked one on top of the other and make 3D flowers.
6. Ready!
These flowers can be combined with pom pom flowers made also in tissue paper to decorate your party.

You can find more information in prettyprudent