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Green seeds heart tags

In a party, wedding or birthday planning, we usually spend much time thinking about what would be the ideal gift for the guests ... many often choose to seek something more original and appropriate to their style.

The gift is also governed by the nature of the hosts and if they are environmentally friendly and love nature, recycled paper plantable hearts will surprise everyone: according to the instructions of the seller, they are as simple as "plant me, water me and watch me grow ."

Green seeds heart tags

The seeds of the hearts are of different kind of flowers and plants: each gift would be different, so each guest will have a different growing flower.

And to complete these hearts... why not customized them with a personalized stamp? Emilie Friday sell us the names of the hosts in a unique calligraphic style on a rubber stamp.

Plantable tag hearts stamped with your names will not leave anyone indifferent.