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DIY Party String Lamp

If you are excited about organizing parties and crafts, Hwtm has a great idea that you will love.
Making lamps was never so simple and so inexpensive. You will only need basically yarn, balloons and glue. Too easy! You just have to inflate a balloon, stick glue all over its surface and surround it with the thread, but that's not all now is that the magic begins!
DIY Party String Lamp
Use the thread of the color you like the most and surround the globe as you want, you can create the shapes that you like best, play with the thread Explote your creativity! You can also make your children help you! It's so much fun!
Once you've done the previous step Shovel the balloon! That's right, we told you how much fun it is to make this decoration, when you hit the balloon will be the thread forming a circle. As advice take into account that before blowing the balloon make sure that the glue is already dry And go!
These types of decorations can be used in baby parties, weddings, summer parties and even to decorate the room of the little ones, everything will be a matter of your imagination, you can also take into account different types and colors of threads according to the occasion for which you need them.
This is undoubtedly an original idea that you can do without wasting much time, you just have to use a lot of imagination and play with the implements You can make thread lamps of any size you want!