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DIY How to decorate with ice cones

The children's parties allow us to make infinite objects that adorn the space, one of the recurring motifs are the sweets that children consume, such as frozen cones.
You can also make them from candies, cupcakes, but in icingdesigns online we can see how beautiful and tender the cones look like accessory in a meeting for children or babyshower.
DIY How to decorate with ice cones
To perform this manuality we must have:
· Polystyrene or unicel beads.
· Fabric of different colors (depending on the colors used in the party).
· Thread and needle.
· Liquid glue for crafts.
· Silincon cold or glue with hot silicon gun.
· Printed cardboard or the desired color (to form the cone).
· The stencil or stencil of the cone.
· Padding for pillows or cushions.
To start making frozen cones you must:
1. Cut the fabric into pieces of 1x0.4 m. sew in the center with a simple seam, then tighten the thread and form a wrinkled. You can also do this step with a sewing machine.
2. With the cone template, transfer the design onto the card stock and trim it. Glue the side edges of the cardboard to form a cone and attach them with liquid glue.
3. Complete the cone with the pillow filling, so that it does not lose its shape.
4. Cut a circle of cloth with a reasonable size, which completely covers the polystyrene sphere.
5. Glue the bottom of the dial to the fabric with silicone. If you see some glue detail, do not worry because that area is going to go inside the cone, so it will not be noticed.
6. Now glue the sphere to the cardboard and at the edge glue the fringed fabric cloth as decoration.
With this craftsmanship you can make a movable kind of cones that hang from the ceiling or place them on the tables of the guests.