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DIY Contemporary light curtains

The do-it-yourself creations are what make us happy in the XXI century, for us to achieve the best possible decoration an important event is the most important thing and when you want it to have an ecological touch and very own of us. We can give to DIY creations our ideal point of design, considering the colors and creations that exist in the internet to be able to make the project a success and to go unnoticed when someone asks who has been the genius that carried out such a decoration beautiful and unisex for the event.
DIY Contemporary light curtains
Perhaps it is something that is heard very little and that often we are able to let go unnoticed and is that we can create on its own beautiful lampshades. These curtains, also called wreaths are ideal for decorating a special night, the backyard for an evening with friends or that, however, we can consider having it as a natural outdoor decoration and give a different touch to our patios.
There are many options to make the lamp shades, thanks to the fact that we are independent and very creative women, we can take into account the following tips such as those provided by the portal Rhiannonbosse. They explain more explicitly about step-by-step to perform this procedure which costs about 4 steps.
We must have materials such as cardboard to your tastes, small recyclable cups if you prefer, tape, scissors, pencil and a set of lights to embed later inside our small glasses decorated with the card in its surroundings.
The project itself is quite easy to do for anyone but if you have doubts about it, do not hesitate to go to the main page to appreciate its step by step and clear any doubts we may have.