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Create your own surprise balloon box

Does the child in your house like surprises? That is not difficult to suppose, since TODO niño likes the gifts and the details that have with him.
We'll explain step by step how to make a box of surprise balloons like the one that appears in Studio DIY. It will take you very little time and money to manufacture it.
Create your own surprise balloon box
To create the surprise box ...
You need a large and preferably cubic box, exact razor, extra cardboard, glue, tape, markers, spray paints, masking tape, gold ribbon and colored balloons!
The balloons should be inflated with helium, as this will allow the balloons to float when the child opens the box. Inflate as many balloons as they fit in the box.
Have fun making!
Choose a striking color spray paint, and begin to distribute it on the outside of the box. Let dry and pass a second coat.
With a marker draw the design that you will include in the box on the cardboard sheet. It can be an exclamation mark, which suits the size of a face of the box.
Cut the figure with the razor, and place it on waste paper, and spray the figure with a golden spray.
Stick the figure on one side of the box. Tie gold threads of various lengths on colored balloons (between 70 and 100 centimeters).
Join the balloons and stick them with tape on the bottom of the box, and voila! You have finished your box to surprise the child. You can include a card as an extra touch.