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Make yourself these edible cups of ice cream cones

Learn how to make these edible dessert cups yourself. So you can enjoy them once you finish with the delights they contain.

Make yourself these edible cups of ice cream cones

Planning a tea party in the style of Alice's Mad Hatter in Wonderland? These small and delicate edible cups will undoubtedly fit perfectly.

These edible cups are a wonderful addition to children's birthday parties or for a tea-time gathering.

Also, they are very simple to make, because you will only need cookies for the base, ice cream cones for the cup and the handles you can make them with pretzel pieces. Then you can fill cups with icing, chocolate or candy.

Ingredients for tacitas
10 round ice cream cones
10 round cookies
A cup of icing
Pretzels for handles
Assorted colored candies, chocolates or mixed nuts to fill the tea cup
Carefully cut the bottom of each ice cream cone with the knife. To help you make the cut, submerge the bottom in warm water before starting the cut. This way you will also prevent them from falling apart.
Use glaze to carefully attach the cone to the cookie.
Break the rounded sides of the pretzels to create the handles of the tea cup and fix them with frosting to the body of the cup.
Let the set stand in the refrigerator for one hour
Fill the cup with some sweets or other snacks, and that's it! You can use them even to serve ice cream.
We love edible decorations, like these numbers made with melted chocolate chips.

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