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Innoolight LED reflector ball with 3 types of control

Light up your events thanks to this reflector ball of 7 RGB colors. It is controlled by remote control, voice recognition and automatic programming.
The lighting in events is placed in closed spaces or in those places to which character or personality can be printed. Therefore it is important that you know the perfect ally in the field of lighting.
Innoolight LED reflector ball with 3 types of control
Innoo tech has available the Innoolight LED reflector ball with 3 types of control, used specifically to decorate through colorful lights different events, such as birthdays, discos, weddings and even skating rinks.
This fabulosoreflector LED has a compact design; however, its appearance should not deceive you, and the range of lights can cover rooms of up to 30 square meters.
Why is this reflector different from the rest?
Rest assured that you will not regret this acquisition, since this reflector ball is made of resistant plastic. The Innoolight reflector has 7 RGB colors (Red, green and blue).
The rotation speed of the multicolored reflector is given by the different control modes. It is extremely easy to carry and control, so it is not necessary to buy expensive reflectors for your celebrations.
The design of the glass allows your guests to admire the patterns of lights, which remind us of the projections of a kaleidoscope.
What should I do to obtain the Innoolight reflector?
There are few brands like Innoo Tech, as it has a wide range of products and first-class service. Contact them through Amazon through the Innoo Care account.
Be the owner of the Innoolight LED Reflector Ball with 3 types of controls and allow your event to have the lighting you have always wanted. Enjoy your party!