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LED colored bulbs, for party decorations

To decorate and light your home, parties, celebrations and other events, bulbs with 12 color changes, includes remote control.
LED colored bulbs are ideal for you to decorate your party room without having to hire an extra service. The atmosphere will look fantastic just by selecting the color of light you want and the way you create the best for your decoration. You can make your celebration is not the same as always, and make it look unique and original decorating the environment with LED colored bulbs.
These colorful LED bulbs can be used not only to decorate parties, they also have white lighting that you can have anywhere in your home. This type of light is 100% bright and offers perfect lighting.
LED colored bulbs, for party decorations
How to control the light bulbs?
Surely you're wondering how you can turn these bulbs on and off, do not worry, you do not have to hire any experts. Colored bulbs can be easily controlled in two ways: by a wall switch or by a remote control. It is you who chooses which mode is most comfortable to use.
The remote control has 21 keys for comfortable operation, and also these bulbs have an extra operation, it is an automatic switch on and off, which you can use when necessary.
In addition to being easy and quick to install, these LED colored bulbs have a high efficiency for energy saving, so you should not worry about the energy cost. Its manufacture is made of plastic and aluminum, they are safe, reliable, stable and durable.