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LED gloves, with 6 different lighting modes

To have fun at parties and concerts, LED lighting gloves in 3 different colors and with 6 types of lighting
If you are going to have a night party soon, you can feel the most original of the party with LED gloves that illuminate your fingers. You can color your hands with these LED gloves, you just have to have your batteries recharged to enjoy the party. Even if you are the host of the party you can give these gloves to your guests, they will love it and will give an original and fun touch to the party.
LED gloves, with 6 different lighting modes
The LED gloves have 3 types of colors: red, blue and green, which you can use in the combination you prefer, to make your fingers shine in a fun night. Choose between: slow blinking, bizarre and solid color, you select which is the best for the occasion and the moment.
LED gloves Very comfortable!
Do not worry if it is winter or summer, these lighting gloves provide the necessary temperature for both types of environments, in addition to their manufacture is by hand, using high quality cotton.
The LED lighting gloves have a length of about 9.25 inches and a palm width of 4.23 inches. But the LED gloves are made with a material that can be stretched easily, allowing its adaptation in any size of hand. So you can make this gift to your children, family or friends no matter what size your hand and fingers are.
Are you going to a concert? You can shine on it without any problem, LED gloves are powered for operation with replaceable button cell batteries.