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Give your parties more style with fabric garlands

Tired of boring designs? With cloth garlands you can give a different energy to your celebration. Give your parties more color!

Give your parties more style with fabric garlands

If you are preparing a party, do not hesitate to complement the decoration with the use of cloth garlands. There are really beautiful models that you can use for birthdays, anniversaries, communions, baby showers, just to mention some celebrations.

Garlands can be combined with other elements such as chalkboards or wave labels. You can also add elements that turn the garlands into a fun decoration, and thus add your own style to the decoration of your party.

Why make cloth garlands?

There are many designs of garlands, it is not necessary to limit yourself to the classic triangular garlands, or basic colors.

You can find many models of garlands, such as those in the shape of hearts for celebrations related to love, for example an anniversary dinner.

Best of all, because it is cloth garlands, in addition to the economy it represents, they can be very durable, so you can use them for other events; or as a special touch in the decoration of your children's room.

Accessing these garlands ...

These beautiful and practical garlands can be purchased at stores that sell party items. But if you want to make them more personal, you only need scraps of fabric that combine with the theme of your party, scissors, a little string, thread and a touch of imagination.

The benefits of making your own garlands, is that in addition to choosing the fabric according to your taste, you can make them of the dimensions that you prefer and need, your creativity will be tested. You can also include a cotton candy machine to finish spicing up the party.