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Fun hippie van photocall for all types of parties

Resistant photocall of hippie van, measures 150 cm x 154 cm. It has bases for the support. A good choice to take funny pictures.

Fun hippie van photocall for all types of parties
If there is something that is totally true, it is that the hippies will not come back. However, that does not mean you can not relive the best of those years at a party.
And what better way to remember this legendary style but with a hippie van photocall, which draws attention not only for its striking colors, but also for its impeccable design and the quality of its manufacture.
Forget about recreating costly party settings, as photocalls have become the latest trend to organize photo shoots and optimize decoration at event celebrations.
Van Photocall Specifications
This photocall for parties may remind you of the "Mystery Machine" of Scooby Doo, making it the perfect photocall to take pictures of costume parties or wedding photo shoots, whose boyfriends have a sense of humor.
Something that we must emphasize of this van photocall, is that it is made of highly resistant polystyrene, covered by 1 mm thick vinyl. In the back it has incorporated bases that prevent its collapse.
Where can you buy this fun photocall?
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Enjoy the best photos with this fun hippie van photocall for all kinds of parties, with family and close friends. Do you dare to have it in your celebration?