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A fun piñata in the shape of an avocado

Avocados will always be welcome, even in the form of a piñata! Learn how to make this fun piñata, which is easier to do than you think.

A fun piñata in the shape of an avocado

Avocados are appreciated by almost everyone. And also the piñatas. Nothing says party! like a piñata.

We have already talked about piñatas previously, you can look at some amazing piñatas. Details like these can improve any children's party, a meeting with your friends or even a Mexican-themed party.

Let's do it!

You need a large balloon that can be filled to a diameter of 90 cm. Fill it with air and cover half with a layer of glued newspaper strips. Let it dry and when it hardens apply two more layers. Let dry for 24 hours

When the set hardens, the balloon explodes and trims the edge until it is level. You already have the back of the piñata.

For the seed we will use the same technique, but with a balloon of 30 cm. With two layers of glued paper it should be enough. When hardening, cover it with brown paint.

The final assembly

Place the flat side of the back of your piñata on a large piece of cardboard and trace its perimeter. Cut out the shape in the cardboard; This is the 'tapa' of the avocado.

Use hot glue along the edge to stick the back to this lid. Work in small sections, and remember to fill it with treats before closing the final section.

Cut long crepe paper strips in light green and dark green, festoon or decorate their edges and use them to decorate the back and lid, respectively.

Finally, pass a line of hot glue along the inside of the seed and stick it in front of the avocado, well centered. Ready!