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Fun and colorful painted knots to reserve seat

Fun and colorful painted knots to reserve seat

These colorful knots are a nice addition to your table. In addition to reserving seats, they serve as a nice souvenir for your guests.
If you are looking to add a little more color to the table of your banquet or party, we have the perfect DIY for you! Whether for a wedding, a birthday or a children's party, you can customize your table in a very simple way.
One of the advantages is that you can use your own palette of colors to match perfectly with your decor. This type of knot ball is called a monkey fist (Monkey's Fist) and is usually used as a decorative or as a string ending.
For this project, you will need
• ½ inch cotton twine.
• Cotton thread.
• Scissors.
• Small brush
• Enameled paints.
1. To make a monkey fist, follow these instructions that you find on Wikihow
2. When you finish making the knot, you will have one free end. Measure about 15 centimeters from that end and cut it.
3. Wrap the end over itself and secure it with the cotton thread.
4. Use a small brush to apply the paint. I recommend that you paint the three parallel segments of each section in the same color to maintain a clean and elegant appearance.
5. Allow each color to dry before applying the next one. This to prevent you from staining other areas of the knot.
6. When ready and dry you can use it to accompany the cards that will be used to reserve the seats. They can also be a beautiful souvenir for your guests at your party.
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