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Decorative words with string or string attached

Decorative words with string or string attached

Learn to make these words in glued string for your party, and you can decorate chairs to use them creatively in your photo session.
These words made with glued string are a perfect way to label the seats at a wedding reception, to decorate a table of sandwiches, or even to show funny messages in the photo session.
This project is as easy as it is practical! Actually, it will take you less than an hour to have several of these words ready. And the next day they will be dry, strong and ready to use.
Before telling you what you will need, look for a work area that is easy to clean and where you can leave words dry for at least 12 hours.
Materials and implements
• Wax paper
• Jute or hemp cord
• White glue
• Warm water
How to do the design
1. Cover the work area with waxed paper
2. Choose the word you want to draw with the string and trace it on the waxed paper. If you have doubts about your ability to draw it freehand, you can print it and place it under the waxed paper.
3. Mix the water and the glue in equal parts and stir until completely dissolved.
4. Insert the dry string into the mix and allow it to saturate completely.
5. Use the string to write your word. In areas where the string is superimposed, you can use some pure glue and some extra pressure to secure the fixation.
6. Once you finish, let the word dry on a hard, flat surface for 12 hours.

You can use these words for many other things, for example to decorate the presents of the party.

You can find more information in greenweddingshoes