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Flowers with lights to decorate your party

If you are hosting a party and you are looking for some original idea that captivates your guests, then we have something for you that you will love. Have you ever imagined a party full of flowers with lights? It would be something magical, right?

Flowers with lights to decorate your party

This type of idea is recommended Ohhappyday especially for summer parties, where flowers are the main protagonists of the meeting.

What you should do is look for sequential lights and cupcake papers, these will be the two implements necessary to form a garland of flowers that you can paste on some wall, around a table or if you prefer on the ceiling of the room or wherever you go to hold the party.

What you have to do is open a small hole in the center of the cupcake paper and then insert a light. Make sure it is tight, for this you have to take into account to make a hole according to the bulb that you will insert inside.

Are not you very good with the crafts? Do not worry! You do not need to be an expert, it is very simple but it dazzles guests at any party, in addition if it is your budget that worries you, let me tell you that making this type of party ornament is very economical.

When the guests arrive you will see that it has been the best idea you have taken from the web. Look how beautiful the decoration of your party will be and the little time and money you invested Enjoy it!