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Decorate your holidays with handmade paper flowers

The pom pom flowers have gained some interest lately. That's why we recommend decorating your parties with these beautiful handmade flowers.

Decorate your holidays with handmade paper flowers

If you are looking for an option to decorate parties with delicate elements, to include them in walls or fun photocalls, take a few minutes and get to know these beautiful handmade paper pom pom flowers.

They are flowers made in a very resistant paper, which offers a variety of colors adaptable to the style you are preparing for your party.

Why make these flowers?

They are also flowers that you can make with your own hands. We guarantee that upon entering your celebration, you will be filled with pride and happiness to see the beauty of your work of art.

To make these paper pom pom flowers you need the following materials:

  • Paper (crepe, silk or colored)
  • Twine - Rope

Work instructions

Take the paper and cut 5 squares of the same size. Larger pictures, means you'll get bigger flowers. Place the squares of paper one on top of the other, and fold as accordion, at least 5 times.

Fold the accordion in half and tie in the center with a knot. Then round the ends of the accordion with the help of your scissors. Arm your flower, carefully unfolding the layers towards the center, one at a time.

If you accidentally scratched a petal, do not worry, this type of paper conceals these errors.

If you want to decorate any celebration with these pretty flowers, we suggest you make them several days in advance, avoiding placing heavy objects on the flowers to avoid their deformation.