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Decorate the holidays with Little Pig disguised as a unicorn

Decorate the holidays with Little Pig disguised as a unicorn

Do not know how to decorate a party of unicorns in an original way? With this little pig disguised with colored tutu you will make your party a success.
Girls' parties should always be happy and colorful. If you want the decoration of your daughters' party to be perfect, you should find the ideal accessories for the tables at the party, be it the cake table or the candy table.
Girls love decorations made with their favorite characters, or fantasy animals like unicorns. They simply love these magical animals, because the unicorns are the transport of the princesses.
If you are looking for a party of unicorns with all the law, you can not stop buying the wands of different colors, and make your guests enjoy the most.
A different proposal
If your little one wants a party of unicorns, you can decorate it with this cute piggy bank. It is a tender pig disguised as a unicorn with a horn, wreath of flowers, and is dressed in a colorful tutu.
It is very well decorating the table of the cake, or near the space intended to place the gifts.
Best of all, you can personalize this cute and festive piggy bank. You can ask to decorate it with the name of the birthday girl, and use the colors you want for the flowers of the crown and tutu.
Why should you buy the pig?
It is also very practical; first it will be an accessory to decorate the party, and later it can be used to decorate the room of the birthday girls, considering that with your support you will begin to acquire the habit of saving.
It is a very safe piggy bank, since it does not have a removable plug. When the time comes to withdraw the money, unfortunately it will be necessary to break this beauty of a piggy bank.
Do not think too much, and acquire this wonderful piggy bank by accessing Etsy through the following click. We assure you that you will not regret this purchase.

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