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Brighten up your party with crafts with wooden clothespins

Brighten up your party with crafts with wooden clothespins

Working with wooden clothespins to spread clothes has never been so fun, with these ideas we have to make your children's parties lighter.
The birthday of your little one approaches, and if you are looking for economic ideas for the decoration, you will be surprised to know the wonders that you can achieve with wooden clips with which you hang your clothes after washing, including also a little creativity.
The good thing about this idea is that it is compatible with other elements, as it happens in the case of these fun party masks.
Prepare the cotillones
In some parties it is customary to give the little guests a kit containing sweets and some simple toys. If you want to deliver this decorated kit, look at this idea.
Cut out cardboard circles and glue them to wooden clips. Then with tempera or acrylic paint, paint the clips with the favorite characters of the celebrant.
Get some very funny dragonflies
If the party you prepare is related to nature, decorate with these tender dragonflies. They are very simple to elaborate.
Take the tweezers and paint them as you want; use lines, dots or any other figure that you like and give them eyes that are used for crafts.
Now take two pipe cleaners and fold them into a 8. Then stick the figures in the center of the clip with a little white glue. Wait for everything to dry very well, and the clips will be ready to decorate.
For a dragons party
Take the wooden clips and paint them with acrylics. Cut the body with the dragon's wings and head on cardboard, and when the tweezers are dry, stick these pieces on the tweezers. In the head of the dragon you can put a few eyes of crafts. They will be beautiful.
If you make several dragons, you can hang them with the sign Welcome!

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