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Electric corkscrew with spout and wine stopper

The best friend of lovers of good wine is an electric corkscrew, with a silicone stopper so that the wine stays perfect.
There comes the time of celebration, a party, a wedding anniversary, a toast to the successes achieved or just a family share deserve a good wine. And an electric corkscrew can be the special complement of the party, just a few seconds to open a bottle of wine without much effort.
Electric corkscrew with spout and wine stopper
Unlike the traditional ones, you will not lose elegance using an electric corkscrew, and to add more styles a spout that will make you serve your wine with the distinction it deserves. And if you want to store it also includes a stopper made of silicone so that the wine can be preserved The perfect combo for your celebrations!
LED indicator light
The electric corkscrew has a red LED light that indicates when the stopper will come out automatically, that's how you can see that it's only small seconds and no effort that separates you from the wine you've selected for the celebration.
However, the electric party corkscrew includes a data cable, through which your battery is charged. It only takes 8 hours to load, and is able to open 40 bottles without needing to be recharged and without reducing its speed and efficiency.
This artifacts is very easy to use, and also has a special design so you can place it where you want after you have finished using it, as it will not damage the decoration of your home, since it was manufactured with a delicacy and high elegance.