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Cart to refrigerate drinks at parties and meetings

The perfect device to keep drinks refrigerated during a party, a cooling cart with a capacity of 80 liters.
If you are planning to have a party, we know that hosting is not easy, there are many details to consider, including having something to reserve and keep your drinks or refrigerated meals without losing the elegance, the car to refrigerate is ideal for you. You just have to take care of decorating and enjoying the party where you are the hostess, since drinks are a concern less.
Cart to refrigerate drinks at parties and meetings
With a very fine and elegant design of dark rattan, this car for cooling drinks has a section with a storage capacity of 80 liters, which is enough for all your guests.
Keep your cola drinks, your beers, champagne, lemonade and other drinks with a good temperature, so that when you take them really refresh yourself.
Greater comfort
The beverage refrigeration cart has a double-sided lid, to have a better comfort when removing each drink from it. In addition one of its most outstanding features is that it has four wheels that facilitate its transfer from one place to another.
A car to keep drinks refrigerated can not be complete without a bottle opener, which is why this product includes it, you can do it easily and quickly.
The cart to refrigerate drinks and food not only has the facility to move from one place to another, it is also very easy to clean it, so you should not worry that it ends up dirty after the meeting, you just take care of enjoying your moment.