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Beautiful hats headbands for parties

Beautiful hats headbands for parties

A party without madness is not a party. The headbands are a good complement for you to enjoy your party to the fullest. Here we explain how to make them.
The parties are for fun, to enjoy and relax; They are perfect moments to laugh with the occurrences of the guests.
So give your party a touch of madness by forgetting about the typical cone shaped hats and highlights using these cute headbands hats. They are small decorated hats attached to a cloth headband.
You can do them yourself and they are really very simple. With few materials and a little imagination you will achieve very nice or funny hats, depending on what you want to achieve.
Materials for processing
The materials needed to make these hats are:
• Hot glue
• Glue gun
• Mini hats to your liking (get them in this store)
• Fabric headband (available here)
• thread and needle
Let's do it!
1. First heat the glue gun, as this step usually takes a few minutes before the glue gets hot and melts to use it.
2. Now take the cloth headband and choose the place where you want to place your hat, which can be in the center of the headband, or slightly to the side.
3. Press the gun and add the glue on the cloth headband, and then press the hat on the hot glue.
4. Once this first side is stuck, do the same with the other side, without pulling the other side, to prevent the hat from taking off.
5. When the two sides of the hat are already attached to the headband, secure them with the help of the needle and the thread and give them some stitches with the thread, as this will never fall.
You can combine your headbands with these fabulous led gloves Enjoy your party!

You can find more information in letsmingleblog