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An original canvas using balloons filled with paint

An original canvas using balloons filled with paint

An original and colorful project for your guests to create a work of art. It will also serve as a reminder of a memorable evening.
In the year 2001 a film was released that many of us saw being a little younger. His name in Latin America is 'The diary of the princess' and in Spain 'Princess for Surprise.'
Mía Thermopolis, the protagonist, discovers that she is not a common schoolgirl, but a princess of an unknown European monarchy.
One of the scenes in the film shows Mia and her mother painting a canvas in an original way using balloons filled with paint and darts. A game that you can use in your parties. Let's recreate that scene and have fun!
This is what you will need:
• A canvas with its frame
• A support cardboard
• Funnel
• Balloons and their inflator
• Acrylic paints of various colors
• Thumbtacks (Tacks)
• Steel-tipped darts
1. Make sure you wear clothes that you do not mind getting dirty and do this process outdoors.
2. Cut the cardboard of sufficient size to insert it between the frame and the canvas. This will provide support and prevent the canvas from breaking.
3. Place the balloon in the narrow part of the funnel and drop a small amount of acrylic paint.
4. Carefully remove the balloon and put it in the inflator. Inflate it and tie it. Repeat with the rest of the balloons.
5. Place the balloons on the canvas using the tacks. Make sure you pierce them over the ligature.
6. Now everything is ready to have fun. Put the canvas in a clear place and distribute darts among your guests. Once dry you will have an original memory.
If you like this project, surely this jar sprinkled with paint may interest you.

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